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  • Can somebody help me set up my server? For some reason I keep spawning in the middle of the ocean.

    Could I pay someone to help me get it modded and ready to go?

    I want players to spawn in Kamenka and Komarovo

    I'd like for most of the loot to spawn in these areas. I want the awesome loot to spawn at the prison

    Weapons: No Sniper Rifles (can we slip a couple m249's, ammo, grenades, in the gas station just west of kamenka), with some of the poke-ball eggs

    Kamenka and Komarovo Loot:

    Clothing: Field Jackets, Cargo Pants, Oerl, CCU, Hunter Clothes, Sweaters, Jeans, Shorts, Tactical Vests, Field Vests, Stab Vests, and Press Vests, witches hoods, tactical helmets, ballistic helmets, witches hats, lab coats, santa hats, masks, santas beards, bandannas, tanker helmets,hunters boots, combat boots, wellies, combat gloves

    Food: I'd like more food to spawn (easy to find in each of the houses) sodas as well.

    Weapons: Swords, Shovels, Machete's, Combat Knives, sledge hammers, fire axes, Oriental Machete's, Double Barrel Shotgun, Repeater Rifle, Longhorns, Pump action, blaze, single shot rifle, Mlocks, revolvers. Mosin, SKS, and then of course ammo for all of these. shovels.

    Misc Gear/Loot: I want to throw in a couple defibrillators, blood collection kits, boiling pots, hand cuffs, a good amount of gun attachments, magazines, IV starter kits, saline bags, adrenaline, morphine, multivitamins. Hiking backpacks, assault backpacks, tactical backpacks, hunter bags, and school bags, barbed wire, wire, road flares, smoke grenades, alcohol tinctures, alarm clocks, handcuffs, handcuff keys (not too many of course), jerry cans (full), flare guns, flares, bear traps, nails, bats, brooms.

    Prison Loot: m4's, AK101, Grenades, Plate carriers, AK74, Baizons, MP5's, VSS's, VSD's, SKS, Assault Helmets, Augs and Famas, landmines

    I'd still like there to be zombies, and a good bit but not so many that its overhwhelming to walk around town

    Then can i possibly make it so theres random "Running of the bears" maybe every 45 minutes to an hour a few bears drop inside the towns.

    As for Vehicles maybe just a couple of cars/Trucks at the towns nothing too crazy.