cant add friend as admin on nitrado

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  • Hi i hope someone could help me.

    I need to know how to add a user on nitrado to help with my server

    everything i have found so far doesnt appear for me

    im NOT using expert settings

    any help is greatly appreciated



  • It doesn't matter whether you're using Expert Settings.

    If you want them to be able to restart your server or change server settings...

    Log in on

    Click your name at the top, then click "My Services"

    Under the server you want to give them access to, click the arrow pointing down ( v ), then click "Edit Guest Access Rights".

    Put their Nitrado account name in the box and click "Add User".

    They must create a Nitrado Account before you can do this.

    If you want them to be an admin on the server, just put their Steam ID in the Admin box on the General page in the server settings. (Or just give them the Admin password... but the Steam ID method is better).