Cross Server multi map

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  • I have bought 2 servers, looking to make a Gen 2 server as my main server, and using a secondary server to switch between maps for different dino's resources, bosses, etc, I have seen some places set up to offer a type of cross-server gateway or other option, and am curious if Nitrado has any way I can cycle my second server from the main server, weather using an obelisk or other method or mod.

    if this will always have to be done manually through the web interface that's understandable but any ideas and recommendations would be great, as I would like to have each map save tribes and build progress, while also allowing my players to switch the map to one of their choices if an admin is not online to switch maps on the secondary server for them. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  • Hello,

    Not sure what you are fully trying to say.

    Servers can be linked and called CrossARK. You can allow your players either move items, dinos or their own characters, or not. You do this via a ClusterID.

    Here is a link on how to set it up..

    Hope that helps. Thanks