Space Engineers - Experimental Mode

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  • Ok, so I just installed Space Engineers on one of our Nitrado servers and when I try to connect I get a notice that I am unable to connect due to the server being in 'Experimental Mode'. Looking at the exhaustive list of settings I am at a loss for where I can disable the Experimental mode.

    Also if anyone has a good guide on all of the settings, it would be great if you could share it here.

    Thank you

  • hey CharlieMike,

    I am a new customer for space eng servers as well and had the same issue. After conversations with the helpdesk they advised me to do this. But I still cannot seem to get rid of the experimental issue for I think something is enabled otherwise. Hey-ho. Experimental seems more flexible

    1. Stop server and locate sandbox.sbc in your save folder and open it.

    2. Change Experimental Mode to False
    3. PhysicsIterations 0
    4. EnableIngameScripts

    5. EnableSpectator False
    6. PermanentDeath False

    Save, reboot.