Unable to login as Admin in game for Farming Simulator 22

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    When I join my Farming Simulator 22 server in game and then try to enter the Admin password I get a notice that the password is wrong. How do I sign in as the Admin in the game to setup my farm, manage players, etc?

    I can access the 'Admin-web interface' but this does not have options to setup the farm, or allow players to manage contracts, buy/sell equipment, etc.

    Anyone able to explain the steps, and what I may be doing wrong?


  • CharlieMike73

    Changed the title of the thread from “Unable to login as Admin in the game” to “Unable to login as Admin in game for Farming Simulator 22”.
  • i have few fs22 servers and they have not been working at all or when they do ive had same issue with admin login either wrong password or box flickers an wont even let me attempt to type password ive submitted tickets which still havnt helped for past 8 days since i extended run time ive called in daily an they just say they know issues are there an working on it could be day could be week thats all they say no eta wait a day call back if it isnt fixed or they say if its still down in week theyll add run time so just be patient total bs if you ask me i just got email at 3:52 saying they know the issue an working on it then at 4:02 another email saying unfortuntly they dont know what issue is an will let me know when they know how to fix so have no clue whats going on but i know ticket method is pointless an in 5 years has never reslved single issue calling in usually works but odd time i get this response