server stuck in restart loop

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  • i have the same problem since yesterday morning.

    i was not modifying anything, i was playing on my server, then, the game started to not working well ( i was not able to take objects in my hands but i was able to walk).

    So i decided to restart my server, the shutdown was unusually long, and the server never restarted.

    i found this in the RPT file:

    1. Mods: @Chiemsee
    2. Version 1.16.154567
    3. Fault address: 0E8B16E0 00:0E8B16E0 Unknown module
    4. file: dayzOffline
    5. world: chiemsee
    6. Prev. code bytes: F0 18 00 00 E9 E7 FC FF FF CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
    7. Fault code bytes: 8B 04 25 00 00 00 00 89 44 24 08 8B 44 24 08 C3
    8. =======================================================
    9. note: Minidump has been generated into the file C:\SERVICES\ni7236152_1_SHARE\ftproot\dayzstandalone/config\DayZServer_x64_2022-04-08_09-49-38_2022-04-08_10-43-43.mdmp

    I just tried to restart the server without any mod, the infinitite loop is the same.

    I told all that to the support since yesterday evening, but the support didn't answer me.

    Yesterday morning, i called the support by phone, in Germany. The guy told me it's a problem from nitrado, and he will notify me by mail when it's solved... But, is it that long for solving the problem ?

  • the support looks very weak.

    I'm not client since a long but, ok the price is interesting, only the way all is working well, because as soon as there is a malfunction, you are alone.

    And it's specially frustrating when you are not responsible of this malfunction.

    I even restored an old backup, there is nothing i can do by myself.

    As no one would do in the world, i will not renew a service which is not working.

    And for me it's only concerning myself, i have a thought for the ones they are doing a hard job for setting and maintaining a server for a large community and, they will loose a lot of players because of a whole weekend of extinction.


    Don't send me a survey today

  • wow !

    impressive !!

    the port of my server was 21000

    Nitrado just changed it to 22000 without any notification anywhere, web account or email !

    lol, in fact they changed my IP and port, silently.

    So, if you are following that post because you have the same problem since friday: pay attention your IP and port

  • my server was acting up,last night it got stuck in restart i see some setting have changed on their own.i sent a ticket in but i sent one over a week ago and never got a response so im guessing i wont get one this time either.if anybody heres anything please let us know.thanks

  • This is normal. Your IP or port may change at anytime. The server have software that monitors its resources and/or issues. Server may or may not move.

  • submitting tickets an contacting nitrado is terrible solution for fix. as tickets they hardly ever end up fixing issues or take forver. calling in at this point is useless, because they say they know it doesnt work but cant fix it just wait. thanks 30 min on hold to tell me wait. waited 8 days still nothing changed. servers still dont work then get email saying they know what issue is wait. then another email 30 min later saying they dont know what issue is wait. then call in its wait so they either know what issue is or dont how do you know the issue an working on it an tell us to wait then 30 min later you dot know an its still wait horrible service

  • Yeah i have been with nitrado a year and a half now and everytime there is issues support is extremly slow and offers very little actual support i think every problem i have had the only support i ever got was we will move you to a new server. both my servers expire in a few hours and i dont think i will be renewing them this time as am still waiting on a reply from my support ticket :( anyone got any recomendations, DM me ?

  • why am I still having the same issue with my server, its still stuck in restart. It works sometimes then goes back into restart loop. ive had this issue now for two weeks, I've submitted tickets and no reply. I'm renting a second server from Nitrado and that has the same issue. when is this going to be fixed, its highly frustrating paying for two servers that i cant actually play, and two weeks is plenty of time to fix the issue.

  • Hi, have the same problem. The support does not really help, only that I get the money from the downtime credited.

    But what's the point, there is still no solution.

    Earlier the server was moved to another hardware, now there is only one " Well, you had bad luck! ...