Atlas custom 1x1 map not working

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  • So this is my first Atlas server and I got it to set it up for a friend. I have a few Ark servers and have no issues with modifying those. I have a map with 1 freeport and few custom islands. Stopped the server. Whipped Atlas, uploaded config, uploaded maps. Hit the start server or the Restart Atlas and it tries to start and restart and then stops. This server has been a pain! Absolutely no resources that are helpful. I've looked at this Website along with a few others. No videos that actually work with Nitrado. Anyone out there have a clue, good video website?

  • Unfortunatley No I've had problems with the in game map just being blank for around a year now and nitrado don't respond to anyone plus any tickets that get made about Atlas are instaantly marked as resolved and closed without hearing a peep from nitrado support.

  • have you linked the map to the grid? also i have a similarissue where it disconnects the grid from the map, so if this is the asme with you, that might be why. otherwise, i would say try and do a full reinstalling of the server instead of just the wipe, maybe that might help. not to sure though.


    Closed the thread.