ARK Server not starting, Stuck, offline

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  • Yeah i made a ticket for both. So a ticket that never gets addressed is the only solution nitrado provides? if so, i ask again. does anyone know a better host? If so, feel free to send me a PM. i have never made it a single bill cycle without my server being left useless for weeks because of no support

  • Has anyone been dealing with constant server hiccups and crashes. Or disconnects cause I been having them near constantly for the last 3 days and I am pretty sure its not mod issues. I run all these mods before and been in servers that had way more.

  • I bought the service 3 days ago and I'm still unable to access my server. It's getting ridiculous at this point. Are people going to get reimbursed for lost time?

    I am going to have to agree on this one. it has now been 24 hours, and very little in the form of both communication and a plan/timeline to resolve. In the industry I work in, the services we provide... if they are down or demonstrably disrupt the ability/access of people to said service (especially those that are time specific), we offer partial refunds, at least. Would be great to have more information.

    Yes a ticket was submitted. Yes, I have validated and done everything that is recommended asked. Yes, I am patient. But, it is also reasonable to find at least some information addressing what seems to be a major outage (at this moment, on the xbox side, there are legit no official servers or 'unofficial PC sessions' available in session list).

  • Many servers are apparently stuck in restart or stop. Nitrado says they are working on it. My ark server has been in restart for 6 days. No force stop or start works.. I put in a ticket and had the standard "we're working on it" response and nothing else. I just called and they said the same thing. Some servers in many locations are stuck in restart. They have no idea when it will be fixed but said they have a special team working on it. My server even has a notification at the top about it. Or it did, now the web interface isn't working.


    Closed the thread.