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  • Hello folks,

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    As of today: April 1, 2022 here are the available options and info for ARK Server for Mobile

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    Welcome to ARK:Mobile

    Initial Selection/Purchase Setup-

    You are able to rent an ARK: Mobile server through the WebUI either from a Cell/Mobile device or PC. Recommendation a PC so the screen is much larger for server config setup. The first page will offer several different available packages. Typically go through Custom always. Once selected you can pick how many slots (6 slots is the minimum for ARK:Mobile), select location, and duration. Note that the more time you initially rent, the larger discount you will receive. I usually always pick at least 90 days. If I change my mind later, you can change that later and the remaining credits it applied to your Nitrado Account.

    Installation Process-

    As soon as you select your initial rental and submit, the sites starts the process in creating your ARK:Mobile server.

    It is recommended to wait about 15min for it to fully be ready. Once you feel it is ready, refresh your screen to see your Dashboard. If you have other Nitrado Services, you will be at the Services page and will need to select the server you wish to admin. Click the GEAR icon on the right of your server. This will take you into the Server info and what is available.

    Server Configuration-

    Unfortunately not many options are available. As the Devs (creators of the game) open more areas if they do, the Nitrado Team will continue to build/create web tools to access these areas. I mention this because with ARK: Mobile you are unable to use MODs (steam workshop) nor FTP. FTP access would have provided direct access to the game files. FTP currently is only available for PC Games.

    Looking at your ARK:Mobile WebUI page you should by default be on the Dashboard Page.

    Dashboard Page - This page displays CPU Usage, Memory and Players. CPU, Memory will vary. Do not really worry about this unless you see CPU like at 90%, then you should contact Nitrado Support. With regards to the memory, the servers have software that detects if a server needs more resources. If it does, it will adjust as needed. Note though: ARK:Mobile has a max amount that is supported so just don't think you need to upgrade ram. (1) you cannot upgrade RAM, (2) the server self-adjusts. Yes, typically if you increase the slots, you get more Ram but that is not a guarantee. If the server things more is not needed, expect no change. Players being display is the amount of ports you have rented. This page also provides the Query and Rcon ports. And again, no FTP. RCON access typically is only available on PC servers, and not consoles so it's pretty cool ARK:Mobile does have RCON. Not sure how well it works. I would suggest trying ARKON or sites like BattleMetrics to test. One last thing on this page you can Stop and Restart Server. If you select one of these and it appears 'hung' DON'T keep clicking on it. Every time you click on it, it will queue/execute that command so you may be waiting for a while if you clicked restarted 20x. If you click once and it appears hung an option should appear to Force or Restart. If it does, I personally select Force. If it does not appear, contact Support.

    Moving to the LEFT panel of your WebUI of your server you have a few areas to choose from. The options vary from platform to platform and game to game. Here I will briefly cover ARK:Mobile and what is available. Let's start with the list of areas: Information, Settings, Tools, Help, Up/Downgrade, Reinstall and Switch Game.

    Information Area- Within this area you have Dashboard which you already seen, Event log and Log files. If your server is hung or having issues, take a peek at both for basic troubleshooting. If you see any errors or odd things, report that to Nitrado Support. If you have placed bad code in the server, you would see the errors here and will need to fix. Not much more in the Information Area.

    Settings Area- You do not have access to the ini files directly with ARK:Mobile. The General area is what you would call WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). What is available is what the Devs/Creators of the game allowed access. This is where you set up your server and how we refer as your "WebUI". Some example that are available here is- naming your server, Description, Welcome message and so on. BEFORE you make any changes, let's jump to Configuration Profiles on the left. Create a profile here. Maybe call it "New Server". This way if you make a mistake in the General Settings you can roll back to the original ini config and could avoid a reinstall of the server. Once you create one, go back to General in Settings. Make your settings changes, click save, then restart. TEST your config first ingame. If it is what you like go back to Configuration Profiles and do another save. Maybe name it "AsBuilt". NOTE: Nitrado Support will suggest having the server offline. But I have never had mine offline. I only have it offline if I am working on the INI file directly when I host a PC server.

    Tools Area- You have Restore Backup and Automated Tasks. This is where you can do a recovery backup. The files you see are the only ones available. No, you cannot force a backup so it appears here. Saveworld is an incremental backup and that is done ingame. ARK:Mobile you do not have access to that file. Again, only the site offers what is available. You may see some minutes, or hours, and even maybe a day from each other. That is how the backups are ran on the backend. If an update to ARK occurs and you have an issue with the server, sometimes you may have to do a recovery. Note, once you rollback to that backup ALL progress from that backup until now is lost. And once you rollback you cannot go ahead. Do not worry about the mySQL area. That is not used here for your game. Onto to Automated Tasks. This is where you can create/run options like Restart Server, Start Server, Shutdown Server and have it timed. If you want. Note that the server auto restarts everyday anyways as part of its maintenance cycle. You probably already see that task created. I would recommend do not remove that one. But if the time is wrong, copy that page with a screenshot, create a new task, test it. If that new task works then you can remove this one. Here you can also add a custom message for the task to be ran ingame to players on the server.

    Help Area- This is the help area. If offers many avenues for assistance from FAQ, creating tickets, forums and so on.

    Upgrade/Downgrade Area- This is where you can change your Server Location, Slots or time of server Rental. If you click on this, look at the bottom of the server you will see a DOWN ARROW. Click on that. An extended window will appear. You can also see like Guest Access, Change Game, and many other server options. To get back where we were going over the Left Panel, click on the GEAR to the right of your server WebUI to return back to the list.

    Reinstall Area- **USE THIS CAREFULLY. When run this, you will fully wipe your server, including backups. Well- I have seen the backups wiped but also folks have reported they haven't. Let's be safe and assume it will. Note that your Configuration Profile we showed you to create should be there. So if you do wipe, and want to use a previous ini/config file you can. :) If you do click on this, another pop up appears to make sure you really want to do this or cancel.

    Switch Area- This is where you could switch game. Yes the server will save the previous game so you could go back and forth between games. Note though the server space is limited and over a period of time you will not be able to go back and forth. Or the old game is so out of date it will not run, or maybe no longer available. Also note by switching game you may have to change like slots to make it appear. Example you move to PC Server (Steam), you will need to change to at least 10 ports. And more than likely a price increase so it will subtract from your account if you have remaining funds available.

    Last thing to cover: Question "Can I make a backup of the game and take it with me or use elsewhere?" Answer: Unfortunately since FTP is not available for ARK:Mobile.

    And there you have it, a break down of ARK:Mobile server.
    Nitrado Welcomes you and thanks you for your business.

    Have fun.


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