Nitrado Time Zone and How to Set Automated Restarts

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  • What exactly is the Nitrado time going by? Is says UTC+1, but the UK is now observing BST, which is UTC+1 and Europe is observing UTC+2, but is usually UTC+1 by default. Is the time in Nitrado always the local time of the user, or is it always UTC+1 regardless of the time of the year?

    Also, next to action it says Message. Is that a message that is displayed before the restart?

  • Hello,

    Typically anything in the logs and file saves are where the server is located, and the webui stuff is your own local time. That covers most of the times. However you best answer can be answered if you contact Nitrado Support directly. I would be curious about this myself. I see so many times differences in the server, files, logs, local and such.