Question About Server Ini

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  • Hello, I use mods in my server and I do the engine settings instead of expert, and I tried to change in at the bottom of engine for my mods, it didn't work. Do I have to go in expert to apply modded ini? Can I go back/Do I lose settings if I just stay on expert after that?

  • Hello,

    This is a duplicate topic that has been answered in great detail here in the forums. A search window appears in top right.

    A quick summary: No, you would need to choose between using Expert Settings or the WebUI. Personally I have never used Expert. With the WebUI, Engine Settings and FTP I can make all my changes. The server should be offline when making changes. Also make sure you click save, then restart.

    Here is a thread:

    PC Server owners not wanting to use Expert Settings

  • So I read the thread. If it doesn't work for some reason, will it mess up my server? do I have to paste ALL of it or can I just paste the mod ini sections

  • Anytime the code is wrong it may and will cause oddities. But once you correct it, and reload it the server game will uto adjust. Just make a copy of the entire game to your PC before making any changes. That way you have a safe place to rollback at.

    If you have mod ini code to add, use FTP way. That is typically gus.ini changes. The game engine is only for game.ini, NOT gus.ini.