Painful lack of support

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  • I have so many questions, and there is a painful lack of support for PixArk.

    Threads closed by mods. with notes it takes seconds to find answers and links to Ark (not PixArk) wiki pages....

    So to help clear up some confusion; Does this mean that where equivalent in the configuration files - Ark and PixArk are the same? Example; Dino Difficulty. In the system files on Steam for single player specific to PixArk a dino Difficulty of -0.5 produces dinos at max level 150. In Ark it is 5. Within the settings on Nitrado it doesn't take negative numbers; so assuming does that mean PixArk then matches Ark for this setting?

    Also when first setting up a server, it defaults "Maximum structure count allowed nearby" setting to 10,500 - but when trying to change any configuration (example password, difficulty rating, PVP, etc.) it flags an error on this Default setting that it is too low or too high.

    When setting this to 9,999 or higher; it just blinks to a page that says the director no longer exists sometimes - but when it eventually goes through the server seems to be stuck.

    I put in a ticket; and got a reply that because it was a "configuration concern" there was no support available and I needed to either go to the forums or discord.

    Google has only led me to Ark setup pages/videos/etc. so I am not sure what most of the settings really do; or what changing them would do.

    Very confusing where to get support or how to actually setup a new server. Please help, my kids are very excited to play their new game

  • I suspect you wont find alot of information out there on the web about PixARK as it is not a huge popular game atm.

    So, yes for the most part the ini settings are the same. I am referring to the actual code, not the setting itself. You have to play with the codes to get the type of serve in which you want.

    Nitrado does have a wiki with some information:

    It offers many links to the Devs site and other resources.

    This is a Community Support Forum where admins and gamers like yourself can post questions for the community to reply. Its really dependent how active the Community is to see if you get a response.

    If you have server or account specific issues, you will need to contact Nitrado Support. Those warnings are probably on purpose as the game does has limits same as ARK. Also those are set to a server that would be most stable.

    Recommendation: Use the basic configs with your server. And see what you might want to change here and there to test. It is what I did when I ran a PixARK server.