Ark Xbox unofficial pc sessions showing no servers found

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  • Good day

    I hope you are all well

    I created/rented a server for Xbox/windows cross-platform. I can join fine but my brother can't join due to him not finding any servers. And it's only under the unofficial pc session tab. The message says no servers found...I don't know what to do...he already reinstalled the game and still nothing. We also tried changing the game to primitive + then searched and changed it back and searched again, but nothing...if anyone can help, it will be appreciated

    Enjoy the rest of your day

  • They would connect and see the same way as you are as long as they are using an Xbox, or the Win10 Xbox app, not Steam. Steam is not able to CrossPlay.

    Also if they are trying to use the App on Win10, make sure you have the Xbox server setup for CrossPlay.