Problems changing from PVE to PVP

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  • Hi all,

    Bought and started a PVE Ark server last month. No problems for the first month once we got past the whole issue of trying to find the server like so many have.

    Yesterday we tried finally changing our server from PVE to PVP. I stopped the server, went in an unchecked the 'disable pvp' box, made sure the two timer boxes were unchecked and the autopve boxes were at 0, saved, and restarted the server. We came back on fine, but there were no dinos on the map anymore and after a minute or 2 most of the controls would stop working and we would get kicked. This happened severla times so we gave up. Reset to PVE and everythnig was fine.

    Tried changing it to PVP this morning again the same way, and now my server has disappeared and I can't even find it to play. There are a million articles saying this is how to change to PVP, that simple, but this is clearly not the case. So what gives? What are we doing wrong that none of these guides wants to touch upon?