Removing an engram without effecting existing items, or future use of that item - need to be non craftable, but still usable

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  • Hey guys,

    I've run into a conundrum trying to alter an engram on our cluster. With the latest console update, Cryopods are now craftable on every server. While it may seem insignificant, we don't want them craftable on our pvp servers because it messes with the balance that we've worked hard to create. We will "sell" a certain amount per tribe for in-game currency, but then to get more after that, you have to raid to loot them. Obviously with the new settings, you can now craft them at level 51, and while you need a tek rep to make them, they are dirt cheap to make and mess with the system we have in place.

    My issue is that I have been unable to find a code that will allow us to remove the engram from being learned, but still allow all existing and future cryos to be retained.

    We tried the "OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_EmptyCryopod_C",EngramHidden=true)" line, and while it removed the engram, it also removed all previous instances of the item, including filled cryopods. We could still craft them in GCM, but it turns out that after the player logged off for the night, when they came back on they were gone again (server is not currently configured for daily restarts, so it never shut down in between there), which obviously creates issues going forward, because any dino you put in a cryo is gone when you log in next.

    After that we tried the "EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_EmptyCryopod_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=150)" line so the engram still existed, but would be unobtainable since max player level is 135 including ascensions. And while that allows the cryos to not be broken anymore, the regular engram still exists at level 51 and can be learned still, which defeats the purpose.

    My goal in this is to avoid using the "onlyallowspecifiedengrams" line. There are so many engrams in the game that it will be a pain to go and configure every single engram to be available at the specified level, just to change a single item to be at a level higher than max player level. If thats what it takes, then I will do what I have to, but if someone knows another method similar to the two above where it is just a single line code but will still allow cryos to function normally outside of actually learning the engram, please let me know for my own sanity!

    Thanks in advance.

    Not knowing something Yesterday just creates opportunity for growth Today. Strive to learn and do better, and be better for it.

  • The way you are describing it and how its working is the only way I am aware of. When you remove the engram it thinks its all gone. What you are asking for is an 'if then' or 'else' statements and that isnt available from what I know.

    And so you know the servers do still go through a maintenance restart. Even if you dont schedule it, they all should be in the backend. I know mine do.

  • ok, ill keep that in mind, thanks for the help! also i just checked, and it looks like an auto restart was configured by default when the server went up that i didnt realize was there. so it was on a timed restart after all.

    Not knowing something Yesterday just creates opportunity for growth Today. Strive to learn and do better, and be better for it.

  • on console you can just remove them using engine settings. There's a an option to remove specific engrams from the game completely

    how does that translate to expert mode though? and if its removed it also removes all previously created cryos and any future ones that are created through gcm. granted i havent tested it using the method you mention, but thts what ive found with the codes i used above.

    We actually did find a solution though. Instead of removing the engram at all, we just modified the crafting requirements to be only berrybush seeds, and now the cryo still shows up at the respective level to learn, but the "crafting requirements" window is gone, and even from a tek rep you can see it there but you cant craft it at all. Interestingly enough it extends to GCM as well and cant be crafted that way either. You can still use the gfi command though, so thats what we will be using.

    Not knowing something Yesterday just creates opportunity for growth Today. Strive to learn and do better, and be better for it.