Engine settings - dino multipliers - Non expert mode customization question.

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  • So am I able to manipulate these settings without using expert mode? And if so, what is a safe range to make changes when compared to the default Spawn multiplier = 1.0 and Spawn limit = 100.

    Also, what is override spawn limit in this context?

    I would like to reduce some creatures and maybe add to others, but I don't want an extreme change.

  • Hello,

    We have seen multiple posts from you which of course is good. And realize you are really new at this.

    You may want to spend some time at the ARK wiki and read over some information. Some may apply, some may not. But it will explain what different settings are in your game.ini


    Its a good place to start. And you will probably have lots to learn. We all went through it at one time or another.

  • Lol of course! I have been over there a lot, but it doesn't give the answers from the perspective of a console server. It seems to be more in the context of expert mode is either always on, or assuming the person is going to use expert mode. The only question it doesn't answer in any way is if it explicitly requires expert mode to be turned on.

    Besides, I figure questions like this would get asked/answered from time to time and can be eventually found as a direct link to the answer in a google search, rather than as a dig through piles of information!


  • Google is your friend. ;)

    But that link does answer the questions.

    Expert mode for most folks is the best. You can not use both as it will cause issues.

    If you do not use expert, you can download the ini file or display on the screen and do searches in that wiki to see what each one does.

    Also no one will be able to answer the 'safer' to use. Official/default are the ones that WC recommends. Its up to the server owner to test, try, and change settings to their own liking. You learn but experimenting. Example- say I say a harvest rate 20x is safe. Well, that may work for me and not for you. (1) my community may like that more, (2) my ini settings for other things may offset. Its really trying things.