Help Adding Abberant Dinos and X Megalodons to Gen 2

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  • I am trying to add new dinos to a few areas on the Gen2 map. Once I learn how to do it, I'll know and I can switch them out every so often. I am trying to get the big lake (the easy area) on the Eden side to spawn tons of glowing creatures (abberant varients, the lightup pets, and ghost bulbdogs if I can). Like tons. I'm also trying to add X-Megaladons and a few abberant dinos to the lakes at a close-to-normal spawn rate but with a large number of abberant trilobites.

    The code I have only got me a large amount of shinehorns and lanturn birds, but nothing else. I tried eliminating some of the normal spawns to make room to encourage a higher frequency, but I still only get shinehorns and lanturn birds. There have been no changes to any of the lakes for the fish. I've wiped wild dinos a few times and I've tried playing with Entry Weight a bit and still have the same result.

    Can anyone help me out? I'm new and trying to learn :-)