After installing mods, my server reset everything

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  • The title pretty much says it all. Originally, we were playing on steam and epic. After deciding that we wanted to use some mods, we switched over to only steam. I installed 4 mods, (stop the steal, tranqs++, awesome teleporters, and awesome spyglasses.) As far as I know. There is nothing that would reset everything? Including our builds, and tames. I would understand if it was primal fear and structures plus, but I never even touched those mods before so I didn’t want to have them immediately. So after the wipe, we thought that the mods did it so we just started again, we played for the whole day pretty much, and got about to where we were before. Minus the tames. Basically, I want to know if I install a new mod, on the server and both players clients, will it reset again?

  • Mods are only available for Steam/PC server not EPIC.

    More than likely what happened is moving from Steam/EPIC then then enabling mods it wiped as the game code is different.

    I have ran Steam/PC servers for 5yrs, and swap mods all the time with no issues. The problem sometimes is a mod conflicts with another mod and that would wipe or destroy stuff.

    Another reason it could have appeared or 'wiped' is that you tried running mods with epic running which confused the server. So the natural thing the server does is rollback to the last known it was able to discover and use. So it may have reset to the beginning.


    (1) Prior to changing anything, make a backup of the game to your local PC via Filezilla/FTP.

    (2) (knowing this is probably new to you)- Game code is specific to the type of game you are running. Switching from Steam/EPIC to Steam/Stadia and so forth can and will cause issues being the game code is different. Dont swap around to different modes is the best.

    (3) Double and triple check the type of modes being used. Green mods are stackable, Yellow are not. Also the workshops of the mods will advise *warnings or you hope they will.

    In this case I personally think it was switching gamemode.

    Feel free to contact Nitrado Support and see what their response may be.