Ark Servers Keep Crashing unexpectedly for no known reason.

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  • I have three purchased servers and the new map valguero and now my center pvp fibercraft servers keep crashing for no reason and giving time out host connection with no real reason as to why, the settings I use work, the coding is perfect I've used the same game.ini and gameuseringsettings.ini on multiple servers and none of the other ones have experienced issues. The center pvp was a rag pve and it ran smoothly as could be every day for a long time. Another friend of mine for which I do the coding on his servers for him uses my exact settings and his runs fine all the time so I would like to know why all of a sudden I am experiencing crashes and host connection time outs for no reason on these two servers. I have people who invest money in my servers cause of the settings and they are not able to play because something on yalls end is clearly messing up please help me fix it or I will be asking for a refund as it is not just my money at stake here.

  • Well, 1- you can not just copy an ini file over. It holds unique info. So you may want to look at the ini for any errors.

    You may want to contact Nitrado Support and create a ticket. Forum Moderators do not have access to see your server. The ini could be your issue.

    Thank you.

  • Well as I said i've done this for multiple people and multiple users and they all have worked, please do not try and insult my intelligence with your un-helpful answers and useless accusations and statements. I know how to properly code a server and all the things I need to change like the slots,server name, I'm not that dumb but thank you for assuming such. I have filed a ''ticket'' and eagerly await someone with actual access to these sort of things to check the coding for all 3 servers just to come back and tell me that there is nothing wrong with it and then still not tell me what is wrong only for me then too tell Nitrado that I want days refunded, thank you for wasting my time have a lovely evening.