Prim+ Are their any additional steps to lower harvest lag other than to lower the harvest multiplier

  • I got my harvest down to 10x but when people harvest still it gets pretty bad unless I'm overlooking something else. If I were to adjust something like the resource health multiplier would that help at all? or does anyone know other things I can do to help without changing harvest to 1x lol. Thanks.

  • From what I have seen and heard, 10x harvest on a console is still pretty high for it to tolerate. You can change many other settings to help with the server resources.

    Thanks for replying, I lowered harvest to 8x, I'll see if that helps. Can I ask u a few more questions? I was looking through my settings and had this checkbox un-check labeled Optimise ram usage is that something that will help with the lag? Then I noticed Dino harvesting damage multiplier was set to 3, does the faster collecting rate cause lag? Thanks for your help.

  • The Optimize is a new setting that even I recently discovered, and yes I use it.

    On the Website interface it shows a special icon that uses more resources than normal like a highlight. Adjusting those may help.

    Could even be server related. I still would create a ticket and have them look into the server 'in case'.

  • I am unsure if this will work, as I do not play on console. If you have access to the full Game.ini file in Expert Mode, it should theoretically work. I would do a backup/game save before trying it just in case.

    That being said, there is a solid method of reducing harvesting lag on PC servers that has worked well on the 3 I manage.

    First, set the normal HarvestAmountMultiplier to 1.

    For EACH harvestable resource, input a separate HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers= line into the Game.ini. An example follows:

    1. HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers=(ClassName="PrimalItemResource_Thatch_C",Multiplier=10.0)

    If you go on YouTube and search for "MistrFister Harvesting Lag", you should find a video that goes into more detail with the full code for all base items. If there are Prim+ items that don't exist on regular ARK, you would have to find the item class name and make lines for those as well.

    On my Valguero server, i had a Doed that was causing a lag spike with every tail swing. Doing this eliminated it. A friend manages another server with a 50x harvesting rate and they use the same code.