Trying to create new spawn points for heli crash

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  • Guys, I followed every possible tutorial that talks about increasing or creating new respawn points for helicrash. I've tried everything and its don´t work. ;(

    I selected about 20 new coordinates that would cover part of the sea coast (tier1) and tier 2. I used IZurvive to capture these coordinates and checked 1 by 1 of these points in Dayz to avoid bugs with buildings, sheds, etc...

    Any line of code that I add to the cfgeventspawns file (<event name="StaticHeliCrash">) and logging into Dayz a sound bug of the helicopter falling appears and sometimes smoke comes out of any building or sometimes the helicrash appears inside some building and disappear. This happens next to one of these newly created points.

    I've already tested deleting a="-1", I've tried a="0.0", I've tried a="1", nothing works, even following the tutorials on youtube, the bug continues and doesn't dissapear and the only way is to reinstall the game on the server.

    Has anyone ever had problems like this? Is there a solution?

    Thanks a lot for the help. :thumbup: