[Project Zomboid] Method to migrate from localhost to Nitrado service hosting?

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  • Hello! I recently subscribed to Nitrado to host a server of Project Zomboid for me and my friends. I want to migrate the map that we have been playing on a local server to my Nitrado server instance and the two methods to upload/download files (Web panel or FTP) seems ill-equipped for the way map files are handled with Project Zomboid (divided into 10k chunk of files)

    The web panel file upload just outright redirect me to an error page after struggling for a while. Windows FTP client (FileZilla or WinSCP) seems to drop my connection because of the amount of files.

    Zipping the map to a single ~33MB files and uploading seem to work but there is no way for me to unzip the file via the web panel control. Is there any solution to this?

    I have filed a support ticket but I am not sure of my ticket is logged because I am not returned with a ticket number and is simply prompted a page with a message for me to close my window... This is a bit disappointing really.