warlord parameters

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  • hi, I have successfully created a sever with warlords. However, I have to set the parameters every time the sever restarts. I have found the piece of script that I need to add, but I can not find the existing folder where the scenarios are. (only the player made mp mission files)

    Does any one know where the original scenarios are located in the game directory, or the location i need to add the code to.

    an example of the code I am trying to add is :

    class BIS_WLVehicleSpan


    title = $STR_A3_WL_param15_title;

    values[] = {900, 1800, 3600, 5400, 7200, 1000000};

    texts[] = {"15", "30", "60", "90", "120", $STR_A3_WL_param15_value1};

    default = 30;



    to set the de-spawn timer of vehicles.

    also i had to select a MOD in the drop down, but it is completely vanilla.

    any help would be great.



  • Hey,

    Arma 3 is a nice and large community with many thread already created on the official Bohemia Interactive Forum, they got a lot of people who know better about script and everything (codding into mission...)

    I suggest you to fin your answer on their forum ;)