switching maps

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  • im new to having my own server. I am just looking for some basic info on switching maps. Currently a group of friends and i are playing on the island together. We will be done with the island in the next 3 or 4 days im thinking. When it comes time to switch maps. We all take whatever inventory we want to bring to an oblesk and upload it correct. then upload the character.

    When i go to nitrado setting and switch the map, we just go to an oblisk and download that stuff?

    and if so... what happens to the island map, if we switch back there sometime are all of our structures going to be gone and the map will be fresh, or how does that work.

    Thanks for any help with this.

  • Nitrado recommends renting a 2nd server. (some folks have done it the way you suggest, but issues may occur)

    Uploading also only has so many slots so you will not be able to transfer everything at once if you have alot.

    Island Mapfile will remain on the server for a while. Eventually though the server will remove it due to space. On how long that will be, I have no idea. Some say a month, some say 6.

    What does also end up happening is the profile. The profile will consist of date from both maps. That file together will continue to grow. As that file gets bigger and say it gets corrupted you are going to have issues with the profile for both maps. Another reason a 2nd server is recommended.

    With PC/Steam server we just suggest downloading it so you have a copy. But with consoles you do not have that feature.