Dayz XML files. Where do I put them?

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  • I recently bought a Nitrado DayZ server. 10 slots. It's only for my mom, dad and I.

    I followed tutorials on modding the XML servers and how to check them to make sure the coding is correct. No errors found.

    Now my issue itself is simple but I can't figure out the solution or answer.


    I originally had uploaded the files and overwrote the originals like the tutorials do. But after a few days nothing at all has changed. Aside from the zombies acting absolutely bonkers and running away and in circles as if THEY were afraid of US.

    2 nights ago I realized there was a notice at the top of the files page saying to place my files into the Custom folder. If they were placed anywhere else, they would be ignored. So I fixed the problem, and re-uploaded them into the appropriate files. And still. Nothing. Nothing has changed. But now all of the zombies are even harder to kill and all of us are getting jumped. One of the files I've changed to remove the zombies. It's done the opposite. I've also changed the weather. Only to have harder rain.

    When I first attempted to change the files, half of almost everything was gone. Empty houses. Empty sheds. Still had zombies. So I know my server wasn't completely ruined. And after moving the files to Customs, everything is spawning as it should. Just harder zombies. And nothing I changed in the spawnable types or vehicles, etc.

    Please someone tell me what I did wrong. I corrected the issue. Or so I thought.

    I've considered reinstalling the server but after ALL of the progress we've made, we are really upset to the thought of it.

    Please help before all of my hair falls out.