Python Framework

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  • Hi everyone.

    Today, I've published a Nitrado API gadget for any enthusiasts who want to hop in the Nitrado API fast using Python. Its open source for other developers to contribute. I've built it in mind for people just learning how to program in Python or other programming languages.

    Published with PyPI

    Primarily, it has been focused for Ark: Survival but I've teamed up with a larger team who has access to other Nitrado servers. With their help, I'll be able to design the application to be fully fit for all other games.

    There is a full WIKI on the Github page with more to come in later releases.

    For you Ark players out there, let me know if you'd like to see it branch out to other games. Your opinion matters because thus far I could only debug this with only an Ark Server. So I won't know any issues arising for other games until a further release after my partnership with this new team.



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  • Hi, thanks for the interesting information. I just recently started studying python, but it's very interesting, while everything turns out more or less well, but there are strong pairs of tasks. But I'm sure I have a lot of interesting things ahead. I will repost your api on github.