Server Crashes with mods

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  • So, on my ark server I added 4 mods. Primal Fear, S+, Classic Flyers and Super spyglass. Not a lot, but it was enough to make the server not want to start, keep crashing and just being a troll. What can I do to make the server work with the mods? I'm trying to make it work on Lost Island btw.

  • Sadly with mods you are at your own risks. Hopefully folks in the forums will be able to give you suggestions.

    I can tell you those that you listed should run just fine. Not sure why you are using Classic Flyers. ARK a few months ago added the ini setting to allow the speed increases.

    Also folks have reported here and there with S+ issues. I used to use S+ for years, but moved to SS in the last year. Not bashing any mod. You have to find what works for you.