Map and freeports doesn't work

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  • Greetings,

    I bought an ATLAS server a week ago, I configured the mods and the server itself and everything was functional. When I used the ServerGridEditor I created a 2x2 map and set one of the cells as home with all 4 freeports. From that moment the new players appear in the center of A1 (in the sea) and when they die they are not transported to the freeports. I have traveled in admin mode to the freeport islands and the Ferryman recognizes the islands as Freeport N, S, E, W... But he does not let you interact with the NPC to transport between the freeports. In addition, the map (M) and ATLAS (ESC) do not load and everything is gray. Anyone else with this problem? Any solution to set the freeports on an edited map?
    From nitrado support they made a backup without positive results and I've been waiting for a response from them for 3 days in the tickets.

    The forum does not allow me to attach the .json file and the images but I do not know where the error could be

  • have you done a wipe and then uploaded the maps? or just uploaded the maps from the start. as a new map upload or change requires a wipe of the map data at the least. not sure if itll help. but maybe it will work out.


    Closed the thread.