Pristine Items change not working

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  • Hey there, so I adjusted spawnable types to spawn everything pristine


    <damage min="0.1" max="0.2" />

    <type name="Barrel_Blue">

    <hoarder />


    <type name="Barrel_Green">

    There's a clipping from the top. Put it simply, it isn't working. Things don't appear to be spawning any more pristine than vanilla. I tried running the entire spawnable types file through two different xml validators, but the issues they find don't seem to be actual problems. One had an issue with the separation notes telling you that you are getting into the weapons section. The other took issue with a closing ling being <type/> instead of <attachements/>, but all of the factory code in that same part of the file is seemingly identical.

    Any advice for me here? Thanks

  • Right! I think I just need to give it more time. It just doesn't seem like it is taking effect but it may just not be enough loot turnover.

    Do you happen to know off hand in setting the min-max to 0.0 each will work? Or is my only option 0.1-0.2 respectively?