Blank screen when joining the server

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  • I have set up a new Nitrado server the other day and I can't seem to be able to install Antistasi Altis on it. I did the following steps

    1. Upload the PBO mission file in mpmissions folder

    2. Updated the missions section in the server.cfg

    3. Attempt to join in from Game Browser using Direct Connect

    ... but after providing the password, it leaves me in a blank screen with nothing on it. Waiting around for more than 5 minutes but still nothing.

    I have done reinstalls and all matter of things, even deleted the missions section in server.cfg in the hopes that I would be able to still select it. But even running console commands like #login and #missions is doing nothing.

    Please help! ;(

  • I was able to fix the issue. It was a problem with the ports. When I did a 3rd re-install, I noticed that the ports had changed and that finally got me this line

    1. 3:48:19 Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 19000, Steam Query Port: 19001

    It seems I was clashing with a port on the same machine.