server stuck on restart loop

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  • I can confirm, I had same issue, did same tests, no luck. started a support ticket and they fixed. They said it was probably because I didn't wait enough time after stopping server to save changes I made. Now I always wait at least 2 minutes before making changes after stopping, saving then waiting another 2 minutes before starting, no problems since.

  • The servers still seem to have a lots of problems to run 7d2d.

    lot of shader errors in the log and often stuck on this

    2022-02-05T09:30:57 1.862 INF Loading permissions file at 'C:\SERVICES\ni991727_1_SHARE\ftproot\7daystodie\Saves/serveradmin.xml'

    2022-02-05T09:30:57 1.877 INF WinThread started

    2022-02-05T09:30:57 1.903 INF Loading permissions file done.

    2022-02-05T09:30:58 2.613 INF Reloading serveradmin.xml

    2022-02-05T09:30:58 2.615 INF Loading permissions file at 'C:\SERVICES\ni991727_1_SHARE\ftproot\7daystodie\Saves/serveradmin.xml'

    2022-02-05T09:30:58 2.621 INF Loading permissions file done.

  • Same problem here. At beginning we had a shutdown server 3-4/day now it's every hour. Switch to stable alpha 20 not possible, new install not possible too because 7 Days to Die is not in the game listing... We sent a ticket this morning.


    Closed the thread.