Server delete Savegame over night.

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  • Good day,

    when restarting at night, the save is deleted. I can then only restore the backup, which is usually not up to date.

    Does anyone have similar problems or a solution?

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm having the exact same problem.

    I'm here expecting to find some help about an issue i'm having with with my multiplayer map.

    Everyday at around 00:40 AM (Belgium), Nitrado automatically reboots my server. And i'm fine with it (maintenance i guess).

    Problem is when it does, the Admin-Web Interface [Farming Simulator Dedicated Server] seems to crash too, and every single time it happens, it's seems to lose the saved games. If i try to join my server, it a fresh map where it asks me to create a new character.

    The best i can do then is use the Restore Savegame Backup service but sometimes the last one dates from several hours ago (so i lose all the work i've done since then [tonight if i don't want to start from fresh, i must go back to 01/26 @10:52PM (2H+ lost)].

    I was wondering if anyone has the same problem, and if anyone can help me with it.

    For example, is there a way to access all the manual saves i did (via the ingame [Save the game] button i can use as Admin) ?

    Sorry to bother you guys with this but i really need help there ^^'

  • Hey Guys!
    i just wanted to let you know that i contacted the Nitrado Support and they resolved the problem by migrating my server to an other machine.

    So... if you guys are having the same issue :
    1) make sure it DOES happen without any mods on.
    2) THEN make a Client Support Ticket explaining your savegames are getting deleted after every Nitrado Automatic Reboots :)

    See ya ! :)