MIssing save files after server recovery

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  • Hi, interesting thing. When I recovered whole server from daily backups (web management - restore backup - Server Backups) - after server install and restart - in section Restore backup - "Map Save Backups" is nothing. None Map save backups files and also this section is not visible there, only Server backups and Database Backups. Why? I totally know that there should be many many Map save files, I have interval cca every 30 minutes.

    It is normal? Or what is wrong? I hoped that server recovery from backup means to recover server to state as it was in backup time (include map, players, and also all backup files).

    Now I have restored server from latest backup, but without Map save files and it is very problem. My game is now after wipe, all dinos gone and I can't restore save from previous 30 minutes.

  • If you do a reinstall, it may remove all the saved files. If you do a recovery backup, they should be there. As for the cca 30m, that have nothing to do with those recovery backups files. That settings is there in case you want to recover using the FTP method.

    If you did the correct recovery backup, it recovers the mapfile, profiles.

    If you are missing things still you may want to contact Nitrado Support for further assistance.

  • Hi, I did restore server from Server Backups (left menu Restore backup - Server Backups) .... not Reinstall. And I did it 3x from differrent days and every time after server restore there were missing map save files ( .ark.gz ) in Restore Backup section. Also I contacted Nitrado Support and without positive reaction.

    Never mind, we started play from minus 3 days and now I do server backup myself every day via FTP to local disk.

    I just wonder if this happened also other users and have same experiences (after server recovery were map save files missing) or only for me.


    Closed the thread.