Game saves/Stopping server - ARK

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  • I've searched around and can't really find an answer to my questions about progress saves. Playing on PS4

    First, when I enter the savegame admin command, nothing happens. Should there be game feedback of somekind?

    Second, does the server save progress when you turn it off?

  • Hooty22

    Changed the title of the thread from “Game saves/Stopping server” to “Game saves/Stopping server - ARK”.
  • When you do a saveworld ingame, that is an incremental backup of your gamefile which will not appear on the backup list on the webpage you see. You can read more about incremental saves at the ARK Official Wiki. When using this command, you would not see any type of message.

    For consoles you are not able to force save to the webUI. Nitrado runs backups about every 1-4 hrs as I recall and those would appear in the webUI. You can only use those to roll back the server.

    When you turn it off, its off. No backups can run. I'd recommend a saveworld prior shutting it down to be safe.

  • Thanks Doagen, definitely answers my questions. I'm less worried about the backup file and more interested in just not losing progress. There's just a couple of us playing, so I usually shut down the server to keep babies from starving and such when we aren't going to be on for a bit.

  • Yeah, be careful doing that. You may experience a situation an update was released, you start your server, and that update makes the server rollback. You may not only lose progress, you may lose those babies. Best thing recommended it load them up with food, and if you really have to shut down server, do a saveworld. Really the best you can do.