Server connection issue, times out around 99% and wont load

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  • trying to access a community FS22 server that i access thru a youtuber I like. I have paid access to the discord and server. When I try to connect after installing the mods it just says that I have lost connection to the game. I have tried tons of different solutions like lowering my PING on steam etc. The community I am a part of has multiple different server hosts for the few servers they offer. I can access a couple of them, but 2 of them are hosted thru Nitrado and I cannot access either. These are the most popular 2 from the community. Does any one else experience anything like this or have any possible solutions? I've exhausted all the help I can get from the community members and I'm coming here as a last ditched effort unknown.png:cursing::cursing:

  • Same issue here, I can get on the server and my friend has the same issue as you have, tried everything on his and my side to no avail. He always get stuck on the 99% and then lost connection. So you are not alone.. Did send in a ticket do to support