Understanding "Corpse usage multiplier"

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  • Hi everyone, first post on these forums but not sure where else to get clarity. Does anyone know what the setting "Corpse usage multiplier" does? My tribemates and I died in the ice cave on Ragnarok and we want to gear up and get our items back but are concerned we won't have enough time (we've stopped the server as a result). I am hoping this setting will extend the corpse and loot bag despawn timer from 15 minutes up to something significantly longer.

    Can anyone confirm this setting? When I google it I see "Global Decomposition timer" referenced but don't see this setting and wonder if the name was changed. Thank you in advance, secondarily, would also like to understand what value increases correlate to. Ex: 1.0 is 15 mins, 2.0 is how many minutes?

    Thank you