Update has botched Official and UnOfficial PC Sessions

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  • Since the update today, the Official Sessions, and unofficial sessions do not show anything.

    I currently have 2 servers shown in the Unofficial PC Sessions.

    The server I rented was working just fine prior to this update.
    A ticket has been created with no response and after further investigation,

    I have concluded that the issue has to be port related.

    Now, I understand it takes time for updates to install, I work in the IT field myself, but under no circumstance should these take over 5 hours, and your support team not respond and let me or anyone else who is your customer, know a status of the issue. I strongly suggest reverting the servers back to where they were (I know you have backups like we do) as a resolution to this issue.

    I've been reading many complaints about the lack of customer service, and while I certainly understand updates can cause issues in the field I work in, I'm fully prepared to revert a system back to it's previous state to restore functionality.

    People have paid good money here, and your support team needs to up their game immediately.
    5 hours of a server being offline is not acceptable.

    Like others I have been patiently waiting.

    The following attachments are a status report from your web interface, and the actual Session list for Unofficial PC's. This list should be populated and is not, as is the Official server page as well. Nothing on them.

    I expect a response within the hour or a full refund.

    Thank you.

  • Same problem here, Server shows up but no-one is able to connect. Its been a few days now, still cant connect and still Nitrado support does NOT react to my ticket.

    Nowhere else to go but here, where they (so it appears) cant help us either

  • Im having a similar issue with my server, Im able to connect to it but the ping always shows 255 and im unable to do anything. The server is up but its so unresponsive it might as well be off.