Push notifications from Nitrado on phone (best place to access info)

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  • Hello everyone. When Nitrado sends me information that a back end server update is going to occur, it comes up as a push notification on my phone. However, due to the set up of my phone or some other setting, when I try try read the info it dissapears. I have no idea what app is sending me these messages. When I log into the Nitrado app there is no tab or feature to view messages. Its not from my email, its not from my phone messages. I just searched the forums here to see if there is a thread with update information for PS4 servers and I couldnt see one.

    OK so the background was long, but the question is short. What is the best way to find information about when Nitrado is going to do a server update?

    Thats all I want to know is when, so I can try deal with all the chaos that occurs straight after an update ASAP.