Adding DZSALauncher to DayZ Nitrado server

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  • Hey

    I was wondering before I buy a server and after searching through the internet if you can add the DZSALauncher to the Nitrado DayZ servers? I have seen some answers that there is some sort of cooperation between the two, making the appearance in DZSALauncher automatic. Also I have seen videos giving examples making it seem like Nitrado servers appear on the launcher automatically. Basically what I'm asking is if this actually is the case or if I have to do it myself (if at all possible) and if so, how do I install it?

    Thanks for helping

  • its not possible to install the launcher, you have to ftp all the required mods and make all the changes via ftp for dayz only basic settings can be changed via the limited web portal .

    i use filezilla and edit all the required xml files then upload to the server with all the @mods from the !Workshop folder ..


  • yes its automatically visible , you go into the host settings and make it visible or hide it .. ive recently had issues with my dayz server not showing in dzsalauncher but shows up in dayz built in server finder?.

  • Just to make it 100% clear;

    You CAN make your DayZ server, hosted on Nitrado, visible on DZSALauncher.exe by enabling some sort of setting in the server host settings? You don't do anything youself except this flick of a switch? Not doing any of the "edit the batch file" stuff like on a dedicated server on your own computer?

    All servers show up in the DayZ Launcher on Steam, so that's not weird. It's just that I want our server to show up on DZSALauncher aswell :)