A couple of questions are not ordinary Dayz ps4 questions

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  • Have a good day!

    Can you help me on my DayZ PS4 server?

    1) I want to make it so that some buildings are locked immediately after restart and only open with lockpick;

    2) To decorate the server I use PC Dayz Editor, it has objects with the "bldr_" prefix and they are not displayed on the PS server, can I fix it somehow? Or maybe it is possible to add the mod to the PS4 server?;

    3) Can I add audio playback to the server? I want to create a radio broadcast on the server, but there is no way to speak with my own voice, so I want to use a pre-prepared audio file. If this cannot be done in Dayz, then maybe there is a correct solution through discord?

    4) I want to organize events like a helicopter crash, but only with cars (like an accident on the road). How can I implement this only by copying the StaticHeliCrash event and replacing the types in it, or do I need something more serious?

    (I am using a translator)

    Thank you very much for your attention!

    I would be immensely grateful for links to videos / articles / guides, etc..<3

  • 1. The doors should be still locked after a restart, when you locked them with a lockpick.

    2. The items with bldr_ dont work at this moment.

    3. The playback you described dont work on console.

    4. You need to make an event out of the cars you choose.