Heavy Experimental A20 Server Desync

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  • Nitrado have been really helpful so far with their support, almost had live support yesterday with a staff member who was really patient and helpful.

    This thread is about updating people with my current progress, so it may help you.

    Renting and playing a 12 player 7D2D A20 Experimental Release Server.

    1 - DO NOT do RWG, it is broken. Do PREGEN or Nav. The server has a 99% chance of just never working with RWG.

    2 - You need to reduce the zombie and animal limits. Even the standard are too high and cause significant issues.

    3 - A20 seems almost entirely server unfriendly. Cant handle even 1 player loaded in, let alone 3, let alone 12!

    4 - There is substantial desync in the game. Currently being worked on. It runs smooth as butter, then there are 30-60 second desync spikes, then it will run fine for a few mins, then short 5 - 10 second desync episodes, then the server crashes. This repeats over and over. Has been for quite sometime. The server shuts down and restarts upon the crash. Obviously this is incredibly inconvenient . I have kept the Nitrado team updated with the progress and testing to see how they can help.

    5 - No settings have been altered to make them higher, bar 200% xp and 180% loot (which has minimal impact)

  • Follow-up. This is the crash report from Telnet prior to the crashes:

    Ent: 10 (43) Items: 1 CO: 1 RSS: 4440.6MB
    2022-01-09T15:42:13 2148.448 INF Entity zombieBoe 577 killed by Sirius_Revenge 171
    2022-01-09T15:42:26 2161.451 INF Entity zombieDarlene 581 killed by Sirius_Revenge 171
    2022-01-09T15:42:28 2163.866 INF Time: 34.79m FPS: 23.78 Heap: 3140.8MB Max: 3299.7MB Chunks: 393 CGO: 60 Ply: 1 Zom: 3 Ent: 9 (48) Items: 1 CO: 1 RSS: 4440.6MB
    2022-01-09T15:42:36 2171.766 ERR [EAC] Log: [EAC Server] [Error] [15:42:36:367][Windows][EAC Server] [Err!][Cerberus] [Backend] Receive operation failed, disconnecting.
    2022-01-09T15:42:36 2171.766 INF [EAC] Log: [EAC Server] [Info] [15:42:36:367][Windows][EAC Server] [Info][Cerberus] [Backend] Scheduling disconnect task.
    2022-01-09T15:42:36 2171.766 INF [EAC] Log: [EAC Server] [Info] [15:42:36:367][Windows][EAC Server] [Info][Cerberus] [Backend] Disconnected.

  • Server currently running a lot smoother. The source of the issues seems to be as follows:

    1 - A slight issue with the backend. A new server has been offered which is great.

    2 - A20 is unstable as crap!! When you play the game, new chunks and meshes load in, this causes the game to stall for a bit. This is down to A20 experimental. With multiple people online, loading in new chunks and meshes, it causes desync, which does eventually catch up after 20-30 seconds worst case scenario. Most are around 2-5 seconds long. Once the terrain is loaded in for each individual, it doesn't seem to continue. Just a pain having it happen in the first plance.

    3 - Not having a London server gives a slightly higher than usual ping, but its pretty minimal. I don't think this has an impact on the service much at all which is good.

    4 - Blood moons on A20 experimental are awful. Graphics drop to like 420p, and i'm running an absolute powerhouse of a PC. It simply just cant take the load with multiple people online and all those zombies, even with it capped at no more than 50 at a time. Game has not crashed from this, just heavy graphic / texture loss.

  • I am goin got add to this post. There seem to be a lot of people unhappy with Nitrado for their servers not working correctly, however it all reads its due to RWG which I also had an issue with. As soon as you move away from RWG and go to a PREGEN, the server boots up. If you go to any server provider, you will have the same A20 server issues. The contact is great, even if it does take a while, but I assume that is partly down to time zones and staff scheduling. So you just need to be patient.

  • why are you using experimental A20 stable is the current release. so i think nitrado support need to resolve this issue as other game server providers have no issue with 7 days . i cannot connect to my server with any game i currently install since the removal of 7 days .

  • why are you using experimental A20 stable is the current release. so i think nitrado support need to resolve this issue as other game server providers have no issue with 7 days . i cannot connect to my server with any game i currently install since the removal of 7 days .

    I had the issue with the server not working for the first day. It would not let me change the server from Nav to PREGEN. Nitrado ended up doing some work on the backend which fixed this within a few hours. Since loading up a PREGEN world, its been fine bar the chunk issues. I always like the experimental version., have always run it. You can always go to your saves, just delete the current server save, and then do a reinstall. Set the game to PREGEN not RWG if that is what you are trying to run and it should load up fine. If it still gives you issues, just drop a ticket. They can take a few hours to reply, but they will help, even if it means switching your server to a new one :) There will be a setting somewhere which is preventing your server from booting. This is an issue which is encountered across multiple providers. Nitrado have been the only one who have helped the most, is why I have decided to stick with them. As far as other games go on the same server, I can't comment on that as I have not done that :)