Information request - typical PC client update rollout experiences?

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  • I likely know the answer, and that answer is: When it's ready... and PC comes second after initial console rollout.

    But I ask: Is it typical that the PC WIN 10 client receives updates such as this AFTER console? Makes little sense to me in regard to the notion that it's a crossplay system versus distinct audience. But it does make sense as it'd be wise to rollout on console, remedy hotfixes, patches, etc with the whole team on the topic before doing it for round 2 for PC clients.

    This isn't a Nitrado question, this is a community question based on historical experiences. "IF" Nitrado can relate some information that I must have misunderstood from the "All answers here" thread I apologize. But, I am curious overall - not to mention exceptionally eager as I hoped and scheduled for today and well, as any server admin can relate - no matter who is to blame for any issues.. the server admins take the heat first as their players bug them for insight or answers we then turn here to get, ourselves.:?:

  • Even still, you know how it is - I wager spending another 30 seconds either reading or re-reading posts via google or here and I've had my answer.

    I would suggest it's simply the notion that I migrated from Steam Ark a few months ago, and have been on WIN 10 Ark now for a brief time but only in the capacity of a small-tribe friends only sort of server. Quite A-typical for me as I prefer larger groups. But since the transition it's been a series of adjustments, no open mods, smaller server, essentially starting as a player from scratch as well, and so on.

    This being my first crossplay WIN 10 title outside of Sea of Thieves (Which doesn't provide server options to players) I haven't actually had to think about it much over the years. So, yea - I really do welcome the willingness to reply and look forward to interacting on the servers more often in time.