7/19 "Valguero Released for Consoles"

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  • My server is now in a state of restarting itself

    This is ridiculous. I work in the IT field, and 7 hours+ for a damn software update is beyond idiotic.
    It's not even the point of wanting to play the game, as it is the principal of the fact that even a backup won't recover the server.

    I've read that their tech agents were only on call for 4.5 hours. Piss poor planning for a major update in which things will go wrong.

    Lack of planning, lack of response, no email to warn us that there is an update...all around bad service.
    Many many lessons for them to learn from this.

  • i realize that problems happen with updates but...this isnt inspiring me to keep my nitrado account....0 updates on when anything will be fixed after 9 hours of servers not working...0 info on nitrado twitter..just a post saying "hey the new map is out you should rent a server from nitrado" not a single mention of any problems with servers...just rent our server who cares if it works or not just buy it....worst customer service ive ever seen

  • Just want to preface this by saying in the past, renting servers have been nothing but positive. Don't want to sound like I am here to pile on because this service has been great for me in the past. But I am in the same boat. Yesterday was infinite reset. This morning was the same. Just logged on about 30 min ago and saw the server was started. Cannot find it in search. Changed server name, tried again, nothing. Feel like I wasted my time getting hyped for Valg and also my money at this point. Hoping for a fix soon

  • I don't want to sound down either, however as I have mentioned I work in the IT field. Issues such as I can't log into my PC are normal tickets.
    Downed servers are considered QR (Quick Response) or ER (Emergency Response) tickets. I would classify this as an ER ticket, which means you not only reach out to your paying customers but you also wake up everybody you have to get this issue resolved.

    When this worked, it was great, but the fact that they have now left this going on 20+ hours without so much as a Post into their forums for an ETA, or even a diagnosis as to what the problem is, is just plain disconcerting. Being that we are pretty much at the mercy of their system, we are still paying customers. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, but I am very disappointed in the lack of customer service presented here over a fatal issue created by a software update.

    It makes me wonder if any of the people working at Nitrado have any real technical skills to resolve the problem, or if they are just taking our money.

    Here's hoping they do something after 2pm PST.

  • Ok, so now I am officially upset.

    Customer support in the US won't be available until 2PM to 6:30PM PST
    The Skype CS is not answering

    and now no one here is answering or providing any resolution.

    This is no longer driven towards the ability to play the game. This is now an issue of customers paying for a service that they are not getting, and absolutely zero customer support to resolve the issue. People like this give people like me who work in this field a bad name. WAKE UP WHOEVER YOU NEED TO AND GET THE F* ON IT!

    24+ hours is absolutely unexcusable for systems to be down over a software update.

    My next contact is Microsoft and the President / CEO of Nitrado.



    7/20 933a PST update:

    The map was released yesterday, and system have recovered. Some folks are reporting some trickle of effects. This thread will no longer be updated.

    If you are having issues still, please contact Nitrado Support either by a call or submitting a ticket. Expect long delays as Nitrado is catching up orders. Tickets will be picked up in the order in which they were received.

    We do not have access to your servers.

    Here is the link-Support | nitrado.net

    Thank you."

  • Perhaps you haven't been reading but just replying. I have submitted a ticket to support, have tried to call, have tried to use SKYPE for their Customer support.

    The response I have received, like many others is ZERO.

    The only response was the confirmation email for the creation of the ticket.
    Most of us here have tried to contact customer support, there isn't any. Please, before you just drop a canned response, read the content of the messages.
    There are absolutely ZERO official Ark servers listed, which leads me to the logical conclusion that your quoted, canned response, is very much incorrect.
    Systems have not recovered. You have paying customers here who have been patient through this entire process, and yet you fail to provide the basic customer service needed to address the issues.

    Reading and listening are very much an important part of customer service. I've seen your canned response on several postings within the last 24 hours. It would only make logical sense that if the posters did as you instructed, their issues would be resolved and they would have posted so, instead of posts like, "Can we get any updates on how this is getting resolved?".

    I am certain that rather than a PR move of a canned response, the customers here, like myself, would appreciate the truth. Even if its "We don't know what's wrong but we are working on it".

    My biggest issue isn't that I can't play on a server I paid for, it's the fact that I also work in the IT field, and lack of attention to issues without any follow up, gives people like myself a bad name in our profession. That is my biggest issue right now. So please, if you have a means to do so, tell the technical team to follow up with their clients, and give us something, even if it's "We really don't know, but we are working on it". I'm certain everyone here who is experiencing this issue would greatly appreciate the reaching out, and would be less angry at the issue at hand, than that of a canned response.

    Thank you.

  • Fyi- I read the forums. And I can only provide what I can. We are volunteers.

    Venting as you are is ok as long as its professional.

    Just be advised the forums have rules, and that is why we have moderators. We try to keep things moving forward smoothly for all the best we can.

  • I don't see how asking for a status update in any way is considered unprofessional.
    I certainly appreciate the warning regarding my statement of canned responses, however I'm sure the typical course of asking people to submit tickets was already done prior to your suggestion.

    We are all looking for an answer as to why the servers are no longer functioning after an added content to the game, when they worked prior to said update.

    As I asked in my previous post, if you have a means to get word to us, we would all appreciate it.

    I think that is very professional, don't you?

  • One of my servers are still messed up. Not going to get in details, pretty much the same as others. The lack of customer service it's absolutely horrendous. Only 4.5 hours for phone calls during this time? That's crazy.

  • One of my servers is having the infinite restart issue for over 2 days now. I contacted support via support ticket and was told my issue was resolved even though they did nothing. I have been trying to get in contact with support via my ticket but have been ignored. When I try to call the U.S. support hotline I get told the number is busy throughout the entire time the phone lines are open. This is absolutely the worst customer support I have ever experienced and will be either demanding a full refund or an extension on the server time period since I have yet been able to even start it up and play on it.

  • As stated, this thread was created with the release of the new Map for console platforms. That release is complete so this thread is out of date and the main outage during this time has been resolved.

    This thread will be closed as it was for a specific event, and specific things around the release are resolved.

    If you are having any issues still from yesterday or today you will need to create a ticket if you have not already.

    The tickets are picked up in the order in which they are received. Do not open multiple tickets for the same issues as they could be closed. Be patient.

    And expect long response times. And dont forget it is the weekend which means less folks on on hand.

    Here is the link to create a ticket-Support | nitrado.net

    Thank you for your patience. Nitrado appreciates your business.


    Changed the title of the thread from “Issues today? 7/19 "Valguero Released for Consoles"” to “7/19 "Valguero Released for Consoles"”.