7/19 "Valguero Released for Consoles"

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  • Yes I am still getting the 504 for both of my servers. My question is why did the server give me a New York server center to use? I thought that was reserved for other types of games?

    Nitrado has multiple sites (data centers) available for games. And yes, NY is one of those. Sometimes a location has no additional HW so it will not appear during your checkout with a new game.

  • So, I am in no way affiliated with Nitrado, however as a customer, and a somewhat tech savy person, I must say, there are fairly large expectations being thrown on this company. If your internet provider has a hub go out and you lose internet, they can only repair it as quickly as someone can do the work to be done. To those saying I only need to access the webinterface to do X Y or Z, the server for that section of the website is down, it's not that each individual server has broken, that whole area of the site is down. Now to repair that, server and IT techs need to go through, figure out which one of countless network servers they are running to provide these servers has caused a fault, run a diagnostic to determine what actually caused the overall problem, then repair the actual issue itself. This is not the kind of issue you can just throw another computer tower down, plug it in, and boom it's working again, there are tons of programming, hard drive formatting, and other things involved with running servers and sites of this size and scope. If someone swung a wrecking ball through your house, would you expect that someone could be there 5 minutes after it happened, and have your house patched up like it never happened within 30 minutes to an hour. I am also wishing I could play my server, I had been hoping to since I woke up this morning, the second I downloaded the update on my Xbox, I posted an Nitrado twitter post asking when it would be available as a map swap, been looking forward to it since it released on PC.. but stuff happens, I may not be able to play till Sunday due to other obligations, but you all need to at least take the time to understand that everyone capable of fixing the problem, is working on it, and complaining that they are taking your money and not doing there job is not accurate, complaining that you should be able to just do this little thing (in the broken area of the site), and spamming the forums with new post about the error, and submitting 100s of tickets to fix your problem does nothing but slow down the process and frustrate the employees who never asked for this issue to happen. Chillax... play a different game, watch netflix, eat a sandwhich, and click the button every so often and cross your fingers.

  • Folks, latest update on Twitter:


    Players to your consoles! Ready, Set... GO!

    #ARK #Valguero is now available on #Xbox and #PS4!"

    And I am now able to access my web interface. Try it again, and have fun.

    Thank you all for your business and patience. Enjoy the weekend!

    *Resolved. Thread will be locked later.

  • My server has been stuck on restart since the update and has the following message on my dashboard "The game folder is currently not available. Please reinstall the game folder if the problem persists" should i be worried? i did put a ticket in but from what i hear don't expect to hear back anytime soon.

  • Maybe give it some more time and wait.

    You may see this

    "Oops... An error occurred

    If this is a temporary issue, please wait a few minutes and try it again. If the issue still exists, please contact our support team.

    Hostsystem not ready or offline, please try again later."

  • I'm running off a New York server and i'm having issues also. It's been stuck on restart for almost 4 hours now and i can't access the web interface.

  • Per Twitter update 2 minutes ago from Nitrado support "

    Hey there, sorry your having some troubles. Not everyone if receiving this error. However, we are aware and actively working on it.

    We want you playing just as bad as you do"

    You can submit a ticket, but please be advise due to the high volume of request expect a delay. Tickets are worked in the order in which they are received.

    Support | nitrado.net

    Thank you.

  • No servers being shown in the Session list.

    Being an IT person, I get that it takes time to update the servers, but why are none visible, especially the one I'm paying for when the status bar says, "HEALTHY (v789.9)?

    I see no Unoffical PC Servers, or Official ones.

    Please Advise, as this was working fine prior to the botched update

  • I purchased 3 game servers about 2 and a half weeks ago and today I swapped one to Valguero, I let it run it's restart and what not and go to take a break. When I got back the server was not appearing in the game server list, so to find out what's wrong I go check my nitrado app only to find that the entire server is missing even in my server list on the nitrado app. Can somebody explain what is going on here?

  • This issue goes deeper than the update, as none of the other maps are appearing except Ragnarok for one system in the Unofficial PC side. As for the Official servers, nothing is visible.

    How many other people are seeing this same thing?

    I've narrowed this down to the server side, as there is not a client update in the Windows Store for Ark.
    This is not a local Network Connection issue, as nothing has changed since you're update.

    Please let us know what you broke, and an eta on it's repair.
    Moving forward I think it would be an excellent idea to have an automated email sent to those of us who are paying to rent these, informing us that there is an expected update.
    Not everyone spends time reading the forums....

    Thank you.