Game removed from available options, no update to ticket for nearly a week

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  • Had repeated issues with the server upon trying to start, was working successfully for most of a week, then died.

    Last update on my ticket from Nitrado was that they had fixed my server issue (I don't consider removing it from the available games a fix)

    I've since chased a couple times asking for updates but nothing. Lack of service here is shocking. First (and probably last) proper usage of Nitrado in a long time, but I don't remember support being this lacking.

    Based on a couple other forum threads, I see others are having issues with the game as well, but is anyone actually getting anything useful back from support? (or anything at all)

  • my server now does not work at all .. its not just 7 days i lost access to my dayz server on the same box. i had a fully working 7 days server till i switched to update the mods and xml .. i think i will get a refund for this useless server and go to another provider as i for me being in the uk if my virtual server lands in a specific ip range i cannot connect ? even though its a uk so called server farm. i have to use a vpn .. and yes i can ping the server just cannot connect .. if on a specific ip range.