Help with cfggameplay.json

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  • Hello Nitrado Community!

    First post here, I really hope there is a hero among us... I am trying to disable the new "hit indicator" added on DayZ on my Nitrado server. I tried adding my own cfggameplay.json file and tweaking some of the hit values in an attempt to disable that horrible red splash that players get when hit by zombies..

    This is for a hardcore Namalsk server and I feel it takes away from the immersion and in gun fights using ears instead of onscreen prompts is better. If anyone can please help me with this and share a preset cfggameplay.json file with me that would be great or at least how the values need to be set to disable this.

    (Public PC Server) Z1mboTV Namalsk Hardcore Survival #1 - 1PP

    Kind regards


  • Hi check this

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your quick response, I did check this out before however when trying to use these codes I could not figure out the correct combinations to a. Disable the new hit indicator b. disable the new zombie splatter effect.

    I want to just have the original red flash effect before they updated to this new hit/splash effect.

    If you have any idea or could give me an example of what the code would look like that would be amazing.

    Side note, when I did add the gameplay.json file I could not disable personal light even though I had disable personal light to 1..?:(

    Kind regards