New server stuck in a restart loop, support wont respond

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  • Bought a new server on Monday, after setting up all my settings and config tried to start but it was stuck in an infinite "The server will now restart..." I've tried force stopping and starting again, re-installing the server, restoring a backup, and I've tried switching games. I have created a support ticket but nearly 24hr later I have had no response so I'm not sure what to do from here.

    The restart.log only shows server start and server stop requested, so nothing useful, it looks like the event log also just contains that as well, no additional information. Is there anything else I can try or do i just need to wait a few days for support to get back to me?

  • Leaving this message here in case anyone having the same problem finds it in the future, support has not gotten back to me over 24 hours later, however, the server did seem to work itself out eventually, but it did take a good 48 hours. I guess im always going to rent the server a few days ahead of when i need it from now on