Restart loop - Rust

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  • Having an issue with my Rust server no starting, it just goes into a restart loop and eventually fails completely after 10 tries. Started last night after I went through the process of installing another game (Farm Sim 19), after which I couldn't access it's admin interface. I also noticed the IP address of my server had changed. Tracert shows that it's likely still in the same data center (Sydney, AU), but now on a different machine.

    I put a support ticket in about 13 hours ago, and I'm still waiting for a response, but I was wondering if there is anything else I can try. So far I have tried the following things

    Uninstalled FS19
    Restored last configuration profile
    Restored server backup going back a couple of days.
    Removed the last oxide mod I installed (copypaste by Misticos)

    I have downloaded the Oxide and Server folders and applied them to a local server on my own PC, and they work fine there, picking up where the Nitrado hosted server left off. My next step was going to be reinstalling Rust on my Nitrado server, but is there anything else I could be missing?

    Or is waiting up to 3 days (or more) for the support ticket to be answered my only other option?


  • I'm starting to think it's an issue with a specific server. After going to lunch I returned to notice that my server was on a different IP address. So I started it up and was able to get on for a good hour.

    Feeling confident, I stopped the server and installed FS19. This put me back on the same IP address I was on when having the problems, and lo and behold, the problems are back. Restart loop, which just crashed out after 10 attempts.

    Server at <IP removed>, I believe you are the weakest link....