Keeps trying to connect me to the wrong server.

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  • So I just set up the server a couple days ago but wanted to add some mods. I did a server wipe for a fresh start and then set everything up but the server never showed up in the list. When I tried to connect through the interface it said the password is invalid. I deleted the password and now it says I need a password to join the server but the server is not my server. The IP address is my server IP and port but the server name, map, etc. are not mine. I have contacted support but have not heard anything back.

  • The servers have software built in that monitors to see if additional resources are needed. If it does, it may automove to another server which means a new IP address.

    Check your dashboard and make sure the right you are connecting to is valid. What may have happened since you did a wipe, you were able to connect to the old IP/FTP make your changes not realizing you were on the wrong server. You would need to make the changes on the new server. I have ran into this before on an ARK server.

  • Same issue yesterday , when it says server up in the interface of nitroda and then "connect to server" it ends up on some random 7d2d nitrado server with differnd gamename and user settings.

    just got home from work so not tried it yet as my server is restarting, failed to launch it ccorrectly still but thats in another topic

  • Had a reply from Support that the issues with the connection to steam should be solved and indeed i can find and start my server with a prefab map. Custom maps is an issue from the game developer.

    Advise if your server is still not visible. restart the server which should help

    in the log you should see this line

    1. - [GameServer.LogOn succesvol, SteamID=.....

    hope it helps you all


    Closed the thread.