Server down for nearly a day, no response from ticket.

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  • My server went down, again, yesterday. I created a ticket and a forum post. The forum post got removed, not so sure why. Maybe someone misunderstood when I talked about another server I was running with Nitrado called 'Scum' and they removed it? No response from the ticket I created. I usually at least get a response to say they will get back to me. This is not acceptable!

  • My 7 days to die server is also down now for more than 24 hours with zero contact on the support ticket i've submitted.

    -Multiple servers down
    -No contact from customer service
    -No contact on forums

    Should we take this this further? Where is the 24/7 support they promised?

    Whatever, I know after this I will stop using Nitrado and will actively spread my story to anyone who considers this service.

  • I've already moved my Project Zomboid data to a different company. Will be doing the same with 7 Days to Die. I will be in touch with my payment company to see about getting a refund for a service that has not been provided.

  • My playerbase has already migrated, I gave the saved world files to another provider.

    I've not looked through the terms and conditions yet to be honest, but im pretty sure they'd have a limit of downtime before a refund/cancel without charge would be offered. Following chargeback claims through you payment provider might be unsuccessful but i'd recommend it.

  • ToC -

    1. The customer is entitled to cancel the contract with Nitrado for the contractual server services at the end of each contract term at any time. Unless an important reason from Nitrado existed, reimbursement of the account balance is not considered.

    Impact of server being down over the weekend - player base has migrated, to continue to provide gameplay to them i've had to use anothe provider, which has caused the Nitrado server to have no purpose.

    Nitrados inability to run a small server able to host a 10 man 7 days to die server has lead to this impact, so I expect a full refund for the full service.

    Also something else I found, the servers only offer 3GB ram while 7 days prefers and works best on 4GB, so Nitrado have also offered a service that is unfit for use from the begining. With all of this, im sure a third party ombudsman would agree with me.

  • @Oldbolt

    as already written in another thread I have moved your server tonight at midnight,

    far outside my regular working hours to another host system.

    You have chosen the Random-World-Gen and that with a size of 10240.

    Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for server software that does not start the server correctly due to settings made.

    Unfortunately there are some problems with the world generation, especially with the random generation, since the last updates.

    Therefore we recommend to use a PreGen world until the difficulties have been solved by the game developer.

    Also, I already mentioned in the other threads, please create a ticket, because only then we can extend your server by the downtime for free.


    -No contact from customer service

    -No contact on forums

    This is simply not true, you had already contacted us via ticket and we awnsered you, as well as in various forum threads a few hours ago.


    If you want to transfer your players elsewhere, you are welcome to do so (at your own risk) because we have learned that this difficulty is not unique to us.

    We are very accommodating with cancellations and can even refund the entire server up to 14 days after the order if you are dissatisfied with the service.

    We also offer a refund to your deposit method.

    Furthermore, there is no limit to the RAM usage of your server,
    this is limited to Minecraft and the indicator hereby only says that your server has a constant RAM usage.


    Closed the thread.